STRP (Short-Term Regular Exchange Program)


STRP is an arrangement made between the University of the Ryukyus and other affiliated universities which enables students to come to the University to research and take classes related to the student's major.


Offered Courses

1. Major Studies Course:

2. Japanese Language and Culture Research Course (Advanced Level)

3. Japanese Studies Course (Intermediate Level)

4.Japanese Studies Course (Basic Lavel)


Please refer to Application Guidebook for further details.


Students who eligible in this program

1) The student's university must be affiliated with the University of the Ryukyus and also be a part of the US-UMAP.

2) Applicants must either be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students who have finished the second year of study at their home institution, or be graduate students. If applicants are junior college students, they must be in their last year of university.

3) The student must be proficient in Japanese at the level required for each given course; however, there are cases where Japanese proficiency is not required. Be sure to read each course description carefully.

Students of the Major Studies Course can attend Japanese Language Courses offered by the International Student Center but credits will not be given by the University of the Ryukyus. Students will be given proof of course attendance.


Admissions and Period of Stay

1. Admission in April

1) April - September (1st semester only; about half a year)

2) April - March (1st and 2nd semesters; about one year)

2. Admission in October

1) October - March (2nd semester only; about half a year)

2) October - September (2nd and 1st semesters about one year)

The Basic Level Japanese Studies Course is only offered in April.


Application 2015-2016 


 2015-2016 Application Guidebook (PDF)
 Application Package (PDF

  ① Application Form for STRP <Form1-7> (Word
  ② Certificate of
Health <Form8>(PDF
Application for Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence (Excel


2015 Spring Semester (April-September)

Preferable arrival date: March 31
Placement Test: April 1-3
Guidance for Japanese Class Registration: April 7
Orientation: April 9
Classes: April 10 – August 13
Semester Exam: July 31 - August 12
Summer Vacation: August 14– September 23


2015 Fall Semester (October-March)

Preferable arrival date: September 25
Placement Test: September 28-30
Residence Registration: October 2
Guidance for Japanese Class Registration: October 2
Orientation: October 5
Classes: October 6 –February 17
Winter Vacation: December 29 –January 4
Semester Exam: February 4 - February 10
Spring Vacation: February 18 –March 31

*This schedule is subject to change without prior notification. 


Offered Subjects for STRP Students


*Classes differ depending on courses offered.

Japanese Classes offered by University Education Center

 ●Spring Semester
Japanese ⅠA
Japanese ⅠB
Japanese ⅠC
Japanese ⅠD
Japanese ⅠE
Japanese Ⅲ A

Japanese Ⅲ B
Japanese Ⅲ C
Japanese Ⅳ A
Japanese Ⅳ B
Japanese Ⅳ C
Japanese Ⅴ
Japan Current Events I
Okinawa Current Events I
Business Japanese I
Business Japanese II

 ●Fall Semester
Japanese Ⅱ A
Japanese Ⅱ B
Japanese Ⅱ C
Japanese Ⅱ D
Japanese Ⅱ E
Japanese Ⅲ A
Japanese Ⅲ B
Japanese Ⅲ C
Japanese Ⅳ A
Japanese Ⅳ B
Japanese Ⅳ C
Japanese Ⅵ
Japan Current Events II
Okinawa Current Events II
Business Japanese I
Business Japanese II


Japanese Classes Offered by Faculty of Law and Letters

 ●Spring Semester

Japanese Literature I
Japanese Composition I
Japanese Practicum I
Research of Okinawan Culture I
Japanese CultureⅠ
Fundamental JapaneseⅠ

 ●Fall Semester

Japanese LiteratureⅡ
Japanese CompositionⅡ
Japanese PracticumⅡ
Research of Okinawan Culture Ⅱ
Japanese CultureⅡ
Fundamental JapaneseⅡ 



<International Student Center>
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TEL: 098-895-8933

TEL: 098-895-8111

TEL: 098-895-8137

TEL: 098-895-8112


KINJO, Katsuya
TEL: 098-895-8300